Electric Hot Water Boiler

Electric Hot Water Boiler

The boiler is composed of a boiler body, an electric control box and a control system, and has obvious characteristics of environmental protection, cleanliness, pollution-free, noise-free and automatic. With the reduction of limited energy and the sharp rise in price, electric hot water boiler as a new type of kinetic energy equipment is more and more recognized by people.

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Safety And Leakage Prevention

The materials of the electric heating hot water boiler have been strictly tested, and the processing is mainly finished by machine welding, which greatly guarantees the reliability of the materials. In addition, the interior of the boiler is made of high-quality insulating materials, and the outside is also insulated.

Simple System, Easy Installation

The compact design occupies a small storefront area and is installed in one step. In terms of power supply, it can be equipped with pressure regulating equipment according to the actual situation of users. The boiler parts are all made of high quality products at home and abroad.

Stable Water Supply

China's electric hot water boiler adopts an electronic control system, and the operating load adjustment range is large. The water outlet speed and water output can be adjusted in real time according to the needs, thus ensuring stable and efficient hot water supply.

Good Looking And Generous Appearance

With the development of the entire boiler industry, users are now paying more and more attention to the visual effects of boilers. The electric hot water boiler does not need to have too many external pipes, and the overall shape is high in integrity and elegant in appearance.


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