Gas Fired Vacuum Hot Water Boiler (T7)

Gas Fired Vacuum Hot Water Boiler (T7)

The deep matched technology of new combustion and heat transfer no longer sacrifices the boiler's key characteristics (heat transfer system) to adapt to the burner characteristics (combustion system), making the gas boiler a complete thermal system with low nitrogen emissions. At the same time of obtaining low nitrogen emission, the utilization efficiency of the boiler is further improved.

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Ultra low NOx emission

The Boiler adopts diffuse combustion technology, which can meet the technical requirements of large tonnage boilers, and low requirement on air quality.

NOx emission is lower than 30mg/Nm3, which can meet the strictest Atmosphere Emission Standards of China.

Intelligent module system

The Boiler adopts general standard tubes and boxes, which can be freely matched with different modes like single, series, parallel connection.

When many boilers are used together, they can be preset and combined, and the system can automatically adjust the operation state, which is very intelligent.

Small land occupation

The integration of ultra speed smoke cooling tube ensures heat transfer efficiency, and greatly reduces the overall area of the boiler. Compared with ordinary condensation vacuum boiler, the area occupied by the boiler can be reduced by 20%.

Integrated and self-contained makes the boiler compactly and reasonably, thereby the area occupied is reduced.

All working condition operation

Enlarging the space of the furnace makes the boiler be used normally under the conditions of extreme cold, high altitude or high temperature, which can solve the boiler operation difficulties in many areas with high terrain.

The designed structure of boilers is not boiler + burner, but a deep coupling of combustion and heat transfer. Through computer simulation, combustion and heat transfer are optimized to meet different customers’ needs.

Simple operation

Each boiler is equipped with high-color touch screen, dynamic graphics display, multi-level menu&privileges, and automatic fault record-keeping modules. The operation is simple, direct and highly humanized.

The boiler is assembled completely and tested in our factory before delivery out of factory, The boiler can be put into operation only if users install water, electricity and other necessary facilities.


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